Thursday, July 23, 2009

2 New Song Titles Revealed in Interview

Davey was recently interviewed by Rock Sound, where he talks about the new single and reveals two more song titles. The titles are “I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here” (the infamous IATVHTBH), and “It Was Mine.”

Apparently, they haven’t even decided what the first single will be, but “Medicate” has a good chance as it’s going to be on Guitar Hero 5. Said Davey:

“People have been trying to figure it out for a few weeks. I just don’t know, there are so many songs in contention and they’re each so different. The first single is so important these days, because more often than not you don’t get more than one look. I love all the songs on the record so it doesn’t really matter to me which song gets showcased, watch this space.”

According to the interview, there will be more information about Crash Love in the forthcoming issue of Rock Sound. The interview can be found here.

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