Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Most Exclusive Yet" Zu Boutique Shirts (Updated)

Yes, AFI News Headquarters is branching out into coverage of Davey Havok’s clothing and jewelry line, Zu Boutique. For more information about the line, visit their Web site or Wikipedia page.
Recent Twitter updates from Danny, Davey’s business partner, gives Zu fans a tease about the upcoming shirts design. Danny calls it “our most exclusive tee yet.” Teaser pictures can be found here, here, and here. A countdown clock on the official Zu Boutique Web site is showing approximately two days until the shirts go up for sale.
UPDATE: Here is the e-mail Danny sent to Zu Boutique members:
Hi Friends,
Just wanted to say hello and give everyone a heads up that a countdown has begun on the site. This release is special in many ways, and will likely be frustrating to many of you as well, so let me preemptively apologize. Sorry.
We will be dropping only one design at 12am Thursday morning. It will be our most exclusive tee yet, with only 20 in existence. This, along with the fact that each tee is hand numbered and signed by DxH himself and is the first V neck we are putting out is going to make Thursday morning quite the spectacle.The upcoming design is very near and dear to us, we think it will be to you as well. Have no fear though, those of you following our twitter know that we have more designs ready to go (3 more to be exact) and these shall be released soon, to hopefully help quench your thirst for new Zu. I hope everyone survived the 4th with all their digits intact!

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