Sunday, July 26, 2009

Davey Answers 4 Crash Love Questions

In a recent Ask AFI question, Davey was asked four things in regard to Crash Love, one of which was not pertinent enough to write about.
The first question was about whether they had recorded a cover song for Crash Love. Davey replied, “Nope, no covers. I don’t believe we’ve put a cover on a full length since 97.” Question the second asked if any songs meant for Blaqk Audio have made it onto the record. Davey said, “No, I doubt that will ever happen again – the inverse though, is quite possible.” The third question asked how many electronic elements there are on the record. Davey replied, “7.”
Take what you will from that last answer. Is it the exact number of synths used on the record? Or is it supposed to satire AFI’s obsession with all things 7?

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