Saturday, July 25, 2009

Raine Describes Medicate’s Sound In Detail

Raine, one of the Begin Transmission winners, had this discussion on the AFI page regarding the song the winners sang on, as well as the sound of Medicate.

NoHavenNow: This Medicate song better be good.

XRaineofFireX: NoHavenNow – I guarantee that 99% of you will dig Medicate more than Miss Murder.

NoHavenNow: Nice! Is that the song you guys sung on?

XRaineofFireX: No, we did background vox on the chorus of I Am Trying Very Hard to Be Here. After that, we were treated to a second song. We weren’t told the title of the second one, but I recall the word “medicate” being in there, as does Mark (panasonicyouth on the OMB and Buzznet). Therefore, I’m almost positive that the second song was Medicate. Even though they supposedly haven’t settled on a lead single, all signs point to Medicate, which surprises me because IATVHTBH (the “flash flash car crash” song) has much more of a lead single vibe. Both the main riff and chorus are catchy and to-the-point. Medicate on the other hand, is a little heavier and more intricate. My brother describes it as a faster “The Missing Frame.” I think it sounds somewhat like Affliction, minus the screaming, with a Prayer Position-ish bridge. Both songs are more straight-forward rock than DU. They both sound new and fresh, but if I had to choose an existing album that they most closely resemble, it would be STS.

To summarize for the lazy… The winners sang on I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here, IATVTBH’s chorus and main riff are catchy and to-the-point, Medicate is heavier and more intricate, sounding like Affliction without screaming, with a Prayer Position-like bridge, the songs are more rock than Decemberunderground, and the songs sound the most like Sing the Sorrow.

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