Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Help AFI songs into Rock Band!

The Frisk from the OMB came up with an amazing idea: Vote to get AFI Downloadable Content for the Rock Band series!

Here’s the deal: He made two polls on the Official Message Board for us to vote. One is for Sing The Sorrow and the other one is for Decemberunderground. These albums were chosen as they’re on Intercope, and thus have bigger chances than getting Nitro Records songs.

The polls will stay open for one week. After the week is over there will be two “winners” of each poll. A thread will be created containing the final 4 songs, and a link to the Rock Band Request page. The goal is to vote many times for each song so they include them as a future AFI pack! You can vote many times. Come on guys, we’ve done it for the VMA’s, we can do it for Rock Band!

Keep in mind that RB is a music simulator. Some songs like The Leaving Song are amazing, but they would not fit RB as they don’t have drums/bass/other instrument.

The STS poll is here and the poll for Decemberunderground is here, so vote away and stay tuned!

p.s. if we manage to get those songs in Rock Band I promise to deliver the instrumental version, the guitar track, the bass track, the drum track and the vocal track for each song ;) I already have them for Girl’s Not Grey and will soon for Miss Murder

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