Monday, July 27, 2009

Hunter Interviewing Himself, Submit Your Questions

Sorry this is 12 hours late. Hunter made a Twitter update on Sunday night regarding his plans to interview himself for a video. He’s asking for people to send him questions, and he’s even teased up about Crash Love. Since then he has made this update. “(Mostly) great questions! Keep ‘em coming!”

To ask Hunter a question, direct your questions “@TranquilMammoth” on Twitter and then follow with your question. Click here to see the questions as they roll in.
Questions already submitted include: “How many basses did you record with? Did you play any other instruments?” and “what song is your personal favorite on the new cd, and why?”
This is not the first time Hunter’s asked for user-submitted questions for him to answer for an interview video. In fact, during late April and March of 2009, he posted a 7-part video interview with himself using questions submitted on his blog.

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