Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mark Describes Song "Medicate" In Detail

Mark, one of the winners of the Begin Transmission contest, wrote today about Medicate, the rumored song from Crash Love. (Learn more about Medicate in this collection of posts) He said that of the two songs the winners heard, Medicate was “much better.” The other song is the one that the winners sang on.
Mark also described the sound of Medicate as being “Affliction meets A Story At Three,” both musically and vocally. He said “there wasn’t any screaming at all in either song we heard. Tons of ‘whoas’ though.”
Story Summary:
  • Medicate is a much better song than the one the winners sang on
  • Medicate sounds like Affliction mixed with A Story At Three
  • No screaming, many whoas

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