Saturday, July 25, 2009

Exclusive: DJ Corey Describes Sound of Medicate

Through an e-mail with DJ Corey O’Brien of the X96 Alternative radio station in Utah, I have gotten another detailed explanation of Medicate.

“The song has very lo fi sound akin to earlier stuff but still well produced. The vocals are clear and the song is medium-paced. There is a slow guitar solo before the finish. The afi ‘whoas’ are intact in spirit.”

Last night we reported that DJ Corey O’Brien had heard Medicate and “can’t wait” to play it for us. In an e-mail with Drewface, one of our readers, he said:

“The label would only let me listen on an iPod and would not leave me a copy. However I am working on attaining a clip to break the song much the way I did with ‘Miss Murder.’ My insiders assure me they are working on gettin this for me. By the time I get it everyone will be able to get it.”

This last line probably means that this station won’t be playing Medicate until it comes out as a single (if indeed it is a single).

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