Friday, August 12, 2011

FULL SHOW: AFI in Atlanta, GA in Feb. 1998!

We now present the second installment in our series of full AFI shows on our YouTube! Pablo has posted the full set of 15 songs from AFI's performance at the Somber Reptile in Atlanta, GA on February 18, 1998. They played the show several months after the release of Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes, so the setlist is heavy on songs from that album, but there are plenty from the first two albums as well.

The show is divided into 16 videos that are individually titled because these old song titles may be less familiar to new fans. You can start watching the first video, and the rest of the videos will automatically play. Sit back, relax, and enjoy 36 minutes of old AFI madness! When you're done, be sure to subscribe to our channel so you will know right away when a new full show is posted. Our next installment will be posted on Tuesday, and that one will be one entire video.


0. Davey Speaking
1. Keeping Out Of Direct Sunlight
2. I Wanna Get A Mohawk
3. A Single Second
4. Let It Be Broke...
5. This Secret Ninja
6. Aspirin Free
7. Salt For Your Wounds
8. Brownie Bottom Sundae
9. Don't Make Me Ill
10. Advances In Modern Technology
11. Third Season
12. File 13
13. Values Here
14. The Devil Loves You
15. Cruise Control


  1. Thanks guys!

    May I recommend something after the release of Sing the Sorrow for the next one.

  2. There has been some confusion about the date/venue of this video. There are two similar videos from around this date. One is from Atlanta, GA and one is from St. Petersburg, FL. I got a copy of this one on VHS shortly after it happened and for years I was under the impression that this was the Atlanta show, but I have no way to confirm that and definitely could be mistaken. What I am sure about though is that the Somber Reptile was a venue in Atlanta. So this video is either (1) not at the Somber Reptile or (2) not in St. Petersburg. I believe the St. Petersburg venue was called the State Theater. Can anyone who has been to either of those venues confirm which this is?

  3. Oh yeah, really cool that you guys are posting these too. Keep it up!

  4. Wow, my bad. Somber Reptile is in Atlanta, GA. State Theatre is St. Petersburg, FL.