Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Despair Faction Phoenix Project: Let's Reignite

If you have gone to the Despair Faction boards lately, you have probably noticed that it has become a ghost town. With the band's silence and a lack of new things to get excited about, it's no surprise.

We want to change that.

DF member BlaqkStarr has started an innovative project called the Despair Faction Phoenix Project. The aim is to "reconnect" the entire AFI family together. To participate, send an email to despairfactionphoenixproject@gmail.com with your real name, your board name, and your full mailing address. Here is what will happen after that:

"With this project, every DF member will receive the mailing address of a random DF member. You will then write a letter explaining everything that you love about the DF, how the DF has helped you through hard times, your favorite AFI memory, your favorite memory you had because/on the DF, anything that you think will make another DF'er maybe remember that time, create a new friendship, or just relate to that feeling that you have! If you want to include pictures of AFI shows you've been to, paintings/sketches you've made, anything you want to add with your letter to make that connection!"

Even if you aren't a DF member, consider taking part. I encourage everybody reading this to participate in this project. Perhaps your life has become busier in recent years and you have lost touch with the amazing community that, for many of us, has had a great influence on our lives. Take a moment and send the e-mail, and make a connection with that anonymous fan. Let's reignite the community, starting today.

Through our bleeding, we are one


  1. i foresee a major decline and the end of AFI.... crash love did it...

  2. It's hard to get a community on board with something like this. First of all major security issues with giving your mailing address to complete strangers. Next, like you mentioned, the stagnation of anything AFI related or even Blaqk Audio related tends to create a lull in interest. However, I forsee something grand not DF related exactly. This lull reminds me a lot of the period between StS and DU and loom how AFI ignited onto the stage. Crash Love was a decent album, but had some poor production choices - such as the producer suggesting Havok to change his iconic lyrical style to something simpler. If the current BA songs and lyrics are indication, lyrically tr next AFI album will be awesome. But another thing to consider is the overall lull in the music industry these days, it should not be surprising that all musicians and fire for any music is quite dull. With everything going digital and easier to self produce, we are reaching an age where albums don't matter any more, which means tours to support those albums don't matter, or videos. Tours and singles and videos are cool, but in reality were major factors to drive album sales and that need is no longer there anymore.

  3. I suggest you use email addresses, not mailing addresses.

  4. i dont see this being a big problem at all. email addresses might be easier, but it really isnt that hard to find someones address on the internet anyway. even if only a few people participate, i think it will be worth it just to connect even two people maybe. i like this idea. im not in the DF, but i will be doing this for sure.

  5. The DF is dead because the band members dont connect with there fan base anymore. Very sad. I hope they come back to reality soon, because I don't know if I like the people they are becoming.

    I will do this though, because no matter what AFI has been a HUGE part of my life, and I have met so many great people through the DF and done so many amazing things.

  6. My, my... People, you are so depressing! According to your words AFI will end soon and the world will crash right after. Brighten up a bit, would you! There's so much exciting news coming up almost every day, new music and yet you seem to be dissapointed...
    And there a plus in going digital and using internet, 'cause not everyone can go to a local music store and buy the album just like that, or watch a video on the TV channel, or go to a concert.
    I have faith in AFI and it's fans. Real fans. And every attempt at reviving a community deserves some respect.