Friday, July 1, 2011

Davey To Appear In The Movie Knife Fight

A few weeks ago Jennifer Morrison posted on her Twitter that Davey would be involved in the movie Knife Fight however this could not be confirmed. Recently, he has been added to the IMDB database as part of the cast for the movie playing the character Jimmy. It is not yet apparent how big of a role Davey has, but it seems to be a supporting role.

"Knife Fight is sex, drugs and money; it's about how politics is really played-a knife fight in a telephone booth, where blood is spilled, low blows are common and the best candidate is not always the best person. It's a world where the noblest ends are used to justify the darkest means."
-Bill Guttentag


  1. Pretty awesome to be acting with Rob Lowe, Julie Bowen, Carrie-Anne Moss, Eric McCormack, etc.

    I wonder what type of character he plays though.

  2. it seems commercial for him.he was in indie films before.