Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mobile Versions of AFI News HQ and AFI Ignite!

We're pleased to announce new mobile versions of our sites that have been optimized for small displays. Some of you may have already seen the spiffy mobile version AFI News HQ, which has been around for a couple of weeks. But the new mobile version of AFI Ignite just went live this morning.

The AFI News HQ mobile version puts the focus on the news, with a dead simple interface for reading the latest stories and posting comments. The AFI Ignite mobile version has organized our vast amount of multimedia and information in a very easily navigable interface. Look through photo and video galleries, tab through the encyclopedic Maelstrom, browse our entire complete discography, and more.

When you visit either site on your mobile device, you will automatically access the mobile version, but the full-functioning sites are also available. We hope this makes your mobile experience easier. Enjoy!

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