Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blaqk Audio song played on Jade's

Last night Jade premiered a short clip of an unreleased Blaqk Audio song in his room. You can listen to it here. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Also, as of the writing of this post, Jade is online again, this time at

UPDATE: It seems it was not really new, it was an old demo Jade had. 


  1. Awesome song that is really what i wanted to hear from them...

    Btw is not available for people from outside the USA

  2. Did my best to decipher the lyrics!

    Cannot breathe until I go
    Can't do, no
    I lost sensation long ago
    Let me feel I'm really unknown
    (2 "oh's") the athro*
    (at least 4 more "oh's" follow).

    *This was the most difficult word. It is greek for "collective". An alternate may be the word Andro, which is Greek for man or masculine. However, Athro seems to fit more with the other lyrics.

    I guess Davey wants to be just part of the crowd like the rest of us ;)

  3. There have been people from sweden in it over the last couple days, I think you just have to have an invite but I don't know how to do that.

  4. @Kera they were using proxies I think.

  5. Oh. Well then.

    Saddle up the proxy pony.

  6. Can someone please record the song and put on the internet in another way ? i really wanna listen