Thursday, May 19, 2011

Answers Posted: Hunter Macbeth Shoes Contest

Congratulations to our winner, Zoe from Renton, WA!

Win a pair of new Eliot Premium's from Hunters Studio Project by answering the following questions correctly:

1. What was AFI's first live release? Eddie Picnic's All Wet-March 18th, 1994
2. What was the band (other than AFI) that Hunter played in during the Art Of Drowning and Sing The Sorrow era? The Frisk
3. Name the song in which Hunter sang lead vocals of the chorus in 1999. Transference-Listen
4. Name the song in which Hunter wrote the overall structure for between 1998 and 2003. Carcinogen Crush.

Email your answers to, one winner will be chosen at random from the correct answers. The contest ends at 11:59PM Eastern on Sunday night. Good Luck!


  1. i have no idea what most of these are! it would be awsome if you could post the answers once the contest is over.. i'd love to know which song hunter sang lead vocals to!

  2. We're planning on posting them :)

  3. When do we find out who the winner is? I entered and I'm very excited to find out!

  4. We will announce the winner tonight.

  5. So who won????

    I wonder how many people answered I Heard A Voice for the first answer. I was stuck between Eddie Picnic's and Behind the Times.

  6. A lot of people said IHAV. Behind the Times wasn't a live recording. I thought it was for a while too.

  7. no way! he's the one signing in transference! awsome! i lovee that song!

    thanks for the answers!

    and lol to people saying IHAV, that was the easiest question XD

  8. Congrats Zoe!!!
    I totally messed up the first live release, didn't know Eddie Picnic's was live. xD

  9. Thanks! I'm very excited to get the shoes :D

    I was definitely worried about the live release answer because IHAV seemed so obvious but it wasn't technically the first...good thing I went with my gut feeling!