Saturday, June 4, 2011

Videos From Blaqk Audio's Show In Reno

Blaqk Audio played Reno's Knitting Factory last night. Below is video of Semiotic Love and Stiff Kittens. A confirmed set list has not been obtained at this time.

Videos from Squiddvicious


  1. "Stiff Kittens" video ----
    Haha! at 0:29 I can see my arm and hand (with a bracelet). I'm in the very front by the stage between The tall guy and the dude with the mohawk but you can't see me, I'm too short :)

    "Semiotic Love" video ---Looks like EVERYBODY LOVES THAT SONG!! :D (Including me) <3 ...I bet Davey saw me! he couldn't of missed me I was right there in a black tank with quite a bit of shiny glitter on my shirt ;)

  2. it was a great night! i saw AFI at the knitting factor january of last year too! got all the songs but Say Red on video and they turned out REALLY good :)

  3. I want to learn how to dance like "Davey" he's my IDOL <3