Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Zu Boutique Sample Sale To Begin Wednesday

Zu Boutique, Davey’s clothing line, just sent out an email blast letting everyone know about the company’s 2010 endeavors. Among the many was the mention of a sale beginning on Wednesday.

The email said:

“I’m sure most of you are still aching from the yearly Winter Spend-A-Thon we’ve just (barely) survived so we’ve decided to hold a sort of sale. A very special sale in fact. Let me explain: to be prepared for certain mistakes (whether it be my inability to count, or the inherant flaws of the postal service (to which I’m sure many of you exclaim simultaneously that Ben does not have any flaws!)) we hold backa few of each shirt design to make sure we can always provide everyone with what they’ve ordered. These saftey-net shirts soon become take-up-room shirts and we decided a good way to clean the house would be to put them up for sale. So taht’s what we’re going to do. This is our take on a “sample sale.” Starting Wednesday, each day we will be putting up a handful of sold out shirts for sale under a new tab on our website titled “Sample Sale.” This will continue until all the shirts are sold. At this point, we will be putting up a brand new, unreleased tee for which there are about 50 available. Of course these will all be at a discounted price.”

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