Saturday, January 30, 2010

Huge update of GuitarPro tabs on AFI Ignite

Our GuitarPro tab page just underwent to its biggest update. I just posted all the tabs we have from Answer That, Very Proud of Ya, Shut Your Mouth, AFI EP, Black Sails, Black Sails EP, The Art of Drowning, TDOTP EP, and the TWO we have from Crash Love.

Remember, they have all three instruments and you can mute the instrument you play while playing along! You can check ‘em out here!.

I would like to take this opportunity to request from people who tab songs, to submit GuitarPro tabs, preferably containing all 3 instruments. Especially for Crash Love. I know it would be fullfilling to know your tabs helped other people to learn AFI songs. You can submit them to I would really appreciate it and I’m sure most of the amateur guitarists who visit the site would as well. You will receive proper credit.

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