Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Trivia Tuesday: General Facts, Pt. 2

Here is yet more AFI trivia! This is a continuation of last week’s innovative theme “General Facts.” To see all of our previous trivia entries (featuring over 100 trivia facts) visit this page on AFI Ignite.

* Weathered Tome, Three Seconds Notice, The Checkered Demon, Kung-Fu Devil, Cult Status, Charles Atlas, Shatty Fatmas, and pH Low have never been played live to the best of our knowledge. For a complete list, click here.
* The Art of Drowning promo cassettes were given out to people who found an AFI postcard and sent it in. As a result it is very rare. The cassette also contains a promo of a Vandals song.
* Wester and Totalimmortal promo singles exist, and are quite rare.
* A German edition of Sing the Sorrow exists with a red Sing the Sorrow logo on the front and a silver ship icon on the back cover. All other editions have uniform-colored backs and fronts.
* In a Sydney, Australia show in 2003, Davey said, “now it’s time to play a pop song.” Half the band started to play Girl’s Not Grey and the other half started Don’t Make Me Ill.
* Davey sang guest vocals on The Transplants’ song “Quick Death.”
* Jade played on wine glasses to make the sound in the beginning of Okay, I Feel Better Now and he played guitar with a pencil on End Transmission.

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