Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Introducing the AFI News HQ Forum

The AFI News HQ Team is proud to present our NEW FORUM. We released a poll earlier today as well as opened the floodgates on Twitter asking if we should open a forum and an overwhelming amount responded with a “yes.”

You’ll find that our forum is much more relaxed than the Despair Faction in terms of rules and what can and cannot be discussed. Also, those of you who are not yet DF members now have a place for discussion with AFI fans that does not have to directly involve AFI! On top of that, we will be hosting AFI audio/video downloads available exclusively in the forum. (Go there now to see what treat we have already posted for new members!)

We have three skins available at the moment. They are the Default skin, Crash Love, and Sing the Sorrow. We will soon have a skin available for every album, so keep an eye on that. We also have an excellent team of moderators to keep the forum running smoothly. This is not a completely off-topic, no holds barred forum. Please read the guidelines and the “About This Forum” threads before posting.

Click here
to directly access the sign-up page. It takes seconds, it’s free and we greatly appreciate your help in forming the next great AFI community. Have fun meeting new AFI fans and discussing!

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