Thursday, January 21, 2010

In Transmission: Episode 6

Episode 6 of Buzznet’s In Transmission video interview series has been posted to You can find Okay, I Feel Better Now’s video here, and Medicate/IATVHTBH here.

In the Okay, I Feel Better Now video, Jade and Davey discuss the evolution of from a simple acoustic track to a grand song, and how Adam helped it realize its full potential. Adam reveals that the song was re-recorded with a much different sound, and details how the drums differed between the two versions.

In the Medicate/IATVHTBH, Hunter talks about the bass inspiration for Medicate (Poison’s “Nothing But A Good Time”). Adam talks about the evolution (or lack thereof) on IATVTBH.

For links to previous episodes, see the left sidebar of the blog.

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