Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Setlist for AFI News HQ’s first live DVD!

The results are in! This will be the setlist for our first live DVD, as chosen by you. It will be up for download. When we release it (this weekend or early next week) instructions will be posted as well. You will download the files, burn them to a DVD and play them on your TV!

These are NOT lossy .wmv or .avi rips. These will be in DVD format, transferred from the original tapes to DVD!
Setlist: (Venue, City dd/mm/yyyy)

1. Strength Through Wounding (Sparks, Lousiville, 10/08/1999)
2. Sacrifice Theory (Las Vegas, Warped Tour, 23/06/2001)
3. The Days of The Phoenix (Club Laga, Pittsburgh 12/11/2000)
4. Malleus Maleficarum (Emo’s, Austin, 25/07/1999)
5. Ever and a Day (Red’s, Edmonton, 20/03/2001)
6. Beautiful Thieves (KROQ AAC, 12/12/2009)
7. Rabbits Are Roadkill on Rt. 37 (Centennial Hall, London ON 16/06/2006)
8. Wester (The Pallace, LA, ??/??/2001)
9. This Time Imperfect (VFest, Vancouver, 21/05/2007)
10. The Despair Factor (Astoria Theatre, London, 7/02/2003)
11. The Last Kiss (Kashmir, Quebec, 6/07/2001)
12. The Lost Souls (Reading Fest, 23/08/2003)
13. Midnight Sun (Phoenix Theatre, Petaluma 25/03/2000)
14. Totalimmortal (Filaforum, Milan, 27/01/2001)
15. Halloween (Showcase Theatre, Corona 28/08/1999)
16. At A Glance (RXCNDY, Seattle 26/06/1999)

…and maybe more? :)
Be excited, kids. This will be epic.

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  1. Is this up for download yet? If so, where at?