Monday, August 3, 2009

Crash Love Lyrics Revealed

On Monday afternoon on, the eighth track, “Ok, I Feel Better Now,” was turned into two separate links. Clicking on “I Feel Better Now” will take you to a picture of Davey reclining in an armchair listening to music on headphones. Clicking on “Ok” will take you to a text file of lyrics from “Ok, I Feel Better Now.

“I died for the last lie, and the heartbreak for the first time, I could not take til I made you cry. This is what you taught me. This is what you taught – and I learned well – to recognize that feeling easily can be dispelled. Show your wounds I’m bored with mine. Nothing is new.”

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Note: On June 30, 2010 AFI News HQ was hacked and all posts were deleted. This is one of the posts that was affected. The text here was imported from a backup, but all of the original comments are gone and the author credited below is only responsible for reposting in most cases.

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