Friday, December 31, 2010

Update: 2011

First of all, happy new year! We hope you all have a great year in 2011 and stay committed to your new year's resolutions!

In 2010 many things happened in the AFI world, with tours ranging from the West Coast to Japan, Australia, Europe, a few brief stints on the East Coast and last but not least, a tour with Green Day in August that gained a fair share of new fans.

Of course where would we be without mentioning that AFI kicked off 2010 with their first show in 8 years at The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA, with support from Ceremony (Ceremony also opened the rest of the January tour) and Wolves and Thieves? It is after all, the closest thing they have to a hometown venue. AFI's performance there symbolized more than just another show for them. Hunter casually strolled into the lobby of the venue accompanied by his former bandmates from The Force only half an hour after the show ended to chat with fans. Everyone was relaxed. Adam made a brief visit as well. It was definitely a great kickoff for the year 2010.

Things only got better, AFI played Soundwave Festival in Australia along with Gallows, Jane's addiction and many other bands. The festival tour ended with Adam performing in a drum circle during the last set Jane's Addiction was playing on the tour, which Adam has stated is one of the highlights of his life.

In March AFI toured the Southeast with Scarlet Grey and The Loved Ones, and at the end of the month a show at Slim's in San Fransisco, where they played several songs that hadn't been played in years, including Coin Return and Theory of Revolution. It also marked the return of ...But Home is Nowhere to occasional setlists. AFI Went on to tour Europe in April, making stops in the UK with Sick of it All and Dear & Departed. Italy, Germany, Austria and for the first time ever, Poland where they were called back for a second encore by dedicated Polish fans!

A brief May and June tour of 6 or 7 dates followed, then a few months to rest before the Green Day tour. The tour kicked off on August 3rd in New Jersey, with AFI performing 11 songs. This was the longest set on the tour, every show after that date had only 10 songs, no songs older than 2003 were played. A stop at Lollapalooza on August 7th was included with a 14 song setlist, and a few oldies mixed in. The tour can be viewed as a mild success for AFI as a few fans were gained. A month after the tour started, on September 4th, the Crash Love era officially ended.

Fast forward to October 29th, Blaqk Audio played their first show since 2008 at the Cow Palace in San Fransisco, followed by one in San Diego the next night. On January 6th they will perform at Popscene, again in San Fransisco. Meanwhile, Bright Black Heaven is on hold as it is rumored Blaqk Audio was dropped from Interscope Records a few months ago.

As we enter our third year this February we plan on continuing to bring you news, interviews, contests and more from AFI and Blaqk Audio during 2011 as AFI's only official fansite and news source! Thank you for sticking with us throughout 2010 and continuing on into 2011 and beyond!

Davey and Jade at Melkweg, Amsterdam 8/26/09. Image used with permission from Nadia Natario. Please do not copy or use this image without her consent.


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  3. great recap! i'm just really impatient for BBH to be released... one question, did the interview where davey mentioned a possible late spring/early summer release date for BBH take place before or after they were (maybe) dropped from interscope?

  4. Thank you Levi! I believe that is the interview where he also stated there would be many singles leading up to the album so that would be before they were dropped (if they were). BA was remove from the artists page on Interscope's website.

  5. thanks for the recap! it made me rethink the past couple years and how crazy they have been for AFI fans. infact, thank you for everything you guys do. if it werent for you guys, i wouldnt have made it to that slims show in sf (it sold out in like 30 seconds!). you guys are great and as long as you guys are still here, ill still be reading.

  6. It's not a rumor, if you listen to the interview they clearly say they have no label. Plus they were taken off