Sunday, January 2, 2011

EP Contest Winners!

After debating over all the entries received, Ruth and I have decided on the EP Contest's winners!

3rd Place: Noah D. Nothing Can Erase the Damage Done

2nd Place: Martin B. Over Exposed and Eradicated

The Grand Prize Winner is Rebecca K. Decay!

Please give our winners, and all others who submitted a virtual round of applause,! There were many great entries and we picked those who we thought are the best, most original and fit the era of A Fire Inside EP.


  1. Congrats to all! These are very well done and very well thought out- I love how they all seem to have been hand drawn (at one point or another in the design process).

  2. Oh my goodness, if that grand prize winner was hand-colored, I am crying in pure joy right now. All of the entries are amazing!

    Will there ber a gallery so we can see all of the entries?

  3. They are indeed amazing artworks!

    There is no current plan for a gallery, however I encourage the other entrants to upload their artwork here: all you need is a Webs or Facebook account. If you have other AFI artwork, feel free to share that as well!

  4. hey guys. congrats to the other winners too. nice work. tho i must say that something went wrong with my design when you uploaded it,the colors are inverted. the originals color work is better but i guess that the way it looks now kinda fits with the title i gave the e.p. anyways im stoked and cant wait to receive my vinyl. thanx to the whole team for selecting me as a winner \m/

    Martin B.

  5. Hey Martin, I thought that was on purpose haha! Both emails you sent me were already inverted. I like it this way though :)

  6. mmmm that happens some times. i think it occurs when mailing from mac to pc. i say this cos it happens every now and then when i mail artwork to my clients. either way i like it this way too :) i will be mailing you some more afi artwork i've created (that you guys can use as you want) in the next couple of days

  7. Ahh yep, that's what happened then. I'm on a PC.

    That would be awesome! You can also upload art you've done here all you need is a Webs account :) keep the good stuff coming Martin!