Thursday, December 30, 2010

DOWNLOAD: Dancing Through Sunday instrumental!

Hi guys,

After seeing already an "instrumental" on the net for this song (although it actually has vocals), I decided I'd make an upgrade with a better quality rip, and this one is actually an instrumental (no vocals at all!)

Dancing Through Sunday, ripped from Guitar Hero 6 (Warriors of Rock)

Right click, save as!


  1. They asked for instrumentals with the backing vocals in them so that's what I made.
    You forgot to include the second guitar during the part of the bridge right before the solo and the quality sounds mega compressed, not sure what you did to cause that. Too bad we only have the wii rip to work with though, microsoft has to encrypt everything.

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  3. could you guys make a instrumental of miseria cantare? That would be awesome

  4. @remcomater336: "ripped from Guitar Hero 6" means that it is taken from the game therefore "can you guys make [song name]!?" is only possible if [song name] is released in such a game.

  5. However, if it's ever released on a game we'll get it to you!

  6. sounds great, thanks for the rip Pablo, much appreciated.