Monday, August 30, 2010

8/30/10 Phoenix, AZ Setlist

  1. Medicate
  2. Girl's Not Grey
  3. The Leaving Song, Pt. II
  4. I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here
  5. Veronica Sawyer Smokes
  6. Beautiful Thieves
  7. Dancing Through Sunday
  8. Silver & Cold
  9. Miss Murder
  10. Love Like Winter
Thanks to Drew for the setlist!


  1. I see more VSS. Nice, love this song. End Transmission really did grow on me thou.

  2. Getting to see VSS in Denver was great last saturday, but I'm really hoping for ET in Mountain View this's my girlfriend's favorite AFI song...

  3. ET grew on me too, but damn I wish they could have played VSS in Dallas