Sunday, August 29, 2010

8/28/10 Denver Setlist

Girl's Not Grey
The Leaving song Pt. II
I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here
Veronica Sawyer Smokes
Beautiful Thieves
Dancing Through Sunday
Silver and Cold
Miss Murder
Love Like Winter

My note: I am so jealous of anyone that has seen VSS. Very jealous.


  1. I prefer ET to VSS in general, but it was pretty awesome to get to see VSS live once, so I was happy with the switch. Hoping for Cold Hands and OIFBN, too...then I'll have seen all of em except Sacrilege, which I honestly couldn't care less about.

  2. Cold Hands is really fun live, OIFBN, honestly not one of my favorites although it was ok live. I haven't seen Darling or It Was Mine. IDC about IWM but I really wanna see Darling. I can hope!

  3. Cold Hands has become one of my favorite CL songs despite being kinda "meh" about it when it came out. I hope maybe on the tour for album #9 it sneaks in for a norcal show...

    It Was Mine, Darling, and ...bhin were easily the highlights of the Slim's show earlier this year for me. And I don't like Darling on the album at all. Live it's spectacular.

  4. Veronica Sawyer Smokes is my favorite song off Crash Love.

  5. Veronica Sawyer was SO fun live. I believe that was the song that Davey dedicated to us DFers in the crowd.

  6. When they played it at Lollapalooza, Davey introduced it by saying something like, "We haven't played this in a while. I don't care what anyone says, I love this song!"

  7. He dedicated DTS to the DF. I remember because I chuckled and turned to my brother and was like "Yep, because he sure ain't dedicating a song like this to the family crowd here..."

  8. I was lucky enough to see OIFBN in Boston and it was AMAZING. Hands down my favorite song off CL.

  9. i have a question. i was watcguing this vidoe where davey was on stage covering a minorthreat song, his the voice he was using sounded close to the old days. why does he not use that voice when he plays the old afi songs at afi concerts? is it to preserve his voice?

  10. I hate VSS. Just Saying. Anyone remember Smile? Davey said he wouldn't Write a Love song unless he set the world on fire. Well, unless he meant forest fires, i'm pretty sure the world isn't burning. :/

    I miss their Songs Pre- STS... It's almost like they don't want anyhting to do with punk... like they've just given their past away. I should Be hating though....people complain about this all the time, and what ever i say here will have no outcome what so ever on anything. I shouldn't even post this. But i will, in hopes someone will care.

    PS. i forget where i read or saw it, but i remember in an interview Jade saying he wanted to play older stuff, but Davey said "That's not what A Fire Inside is about anymore..."

  11. VSS is NOT a love song, if that's what you're implying. It's a song about how he really liked Winona Ryder, and was crushed when he saw her as Veronica Sawyer smoking a cigarette. It pretty much says not to set up an unrealistic situation pretaining to a celebrity, because in the end you'll get crushed. Davey talks about this briefly in an interview, I think it was Much on Demand. It's not a love song.

    Also, why are you complaining on here in the first place? You know you shouldn't, because AFI is what it is now, and you can't change that, telling us about pre-STS days won't do anything.

  12. AFI is not a punk band. Hasn't been for approaching a decade. Time to move on. They have.

  13. Ok. i give.

    No shit they're not a punk band.