Thursday, August 26, 2010

8/26/10 Dallas Setlist

Girl's Not Grey
The Leaving Song Pt. 2
I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here
End Transmission
Beautiful Thieves
Dancing Through Sunday
Silver and Cold
Miss Murder
Love Like Winter


  1. Really, they played the same setlist but took out Beautiful Thieves? I've honestly gotta wonder if they're feeling discouraged by the crowds at this point :(

  2. Is this confirmed? I dont see them taking out their newest single...

  3. Yeah its confirmed cause me and my friend (Danny) were there. I forgot to put Beautiful Thieves in there. This should be right thou. I'm positive about everything but where Beautiful Thieves is.

    The show was pretty fucking awesome. We had some sweet seats thanks to Davey! We stayed a while to watch Green Day for about an hour or so which was awesome and full of explosions. Billie Joe yelled for Davey before "Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?" but he wasn't around. Over all, from what I saw, Green Day was pretty fucking cool. Danny got some video of Medicate but its quite shaky.

  4. Holy shit you guys. Fucking awesome. I was a little skeptical about Davey actually putting Ruth and I on his guest list, but he stayed true to his commitment and got seats 11 and 12 to the right of the stage when we originally had lawn tix. Davey is truly a wonderful guy and this only proves that the dedication the band has for the fans is enormous. It was cool too because Davey and Hunter kept coming over and playing for us and two of their other guests. Amazing night for real. I'm still reeling from it.

    As far as the video goes its very shaky because I was getting so pumped and moving around, but if anyone is interested anyway I will upload it to my youtube channel.

  5. Also, Green Day is a very cool band live, it got corny at times, but they're really impressive. My ears hurt from the explosions though =/

  6. Green day is very good live, just they can get a bit (overplayed... annoying) with their studio versions.

    Looks like they are sticking with the same songs now.. Love like Winter is horrible live... I don't see the point of playing it... if you think otherwise you're too obsessed with this band.

  7. if any of you have video or pics or sound bits please send me some. instead of the concert i got to get chemo and radiation treatment.

    But i must say i had OOOOHHHHH SSSSOOOOO much more fun than any of you so:P:P:P

    please tell me he wore suspenders!!!??? hes so hot in them.(LONGING SIGH)

  8. ^ if you don't mind shaky video, I can upload the vid of Medicate I got.

  9. id welcome any live music that is good and not Friends in low Places,
    My whole fam is countryfied.


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  12. hey danny and jabnews i hope this doesn't sound rude but how did you two get Davey to get you tickets? are you a reporter or something? lol thanks

  13. @blaqk

    I work at a Vegan restaurant in Dallas that I guess they all passed through a couple of times while they were in town. I waited on Davey and his friends' once when they come in. I couldn't let him leave without telling him how much I loved AFI and how much AFIs' music meant to me so I did and I actually kind of forgot how it came up but he asked if I wanted to be on the guest-list. Of course I said hell yeah then he asked if I was going with someone and I said yeah and thats how Danny got in.

  14. thats amanzing. I totally wish that one day i'll meet the band in a normal setting. Heck I'd even wish to meet them at a meet and greet, but I think it would be cooler just to meet them randomly lol