Tuesday, August 24, 2010

8/23/10 Detroit Setlist

Girl's Not Grey
The Leaving Song Pt. II
I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here
End Transmission
Beautiful Thieves
Dancing Through Sunday
Silver and Cold
Miss Murder
Love Like Winter


  1. One word: Amazing!

    Really, it was absolutely amazingly fantastic. All the boys have such stage presence. <3 A shark (probably Billie Joe in a costume) came out during one song, and Davey tried so hard not to laugh it was adorable! I was right up at the barrier for the last 8 songs. Davey got a feather boa from the girl behind me during Miss Murder. During Love Like Winter he put feathers on his eyes, he's so silly. :) I got 2 pictures of Hunter making extremely badass faces, and a picture of Jade dancing (it's blurry though). Also a picture of Adam doing what he does.

    Oh, and Davey being such a sweetheart he told the ushers to let people up front. There were wayyyy more people there than I expected.

    I liked the way it was smaller, just because it felt way more personal, and Davey looked me in the eyes a few times and my mind went, "OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG." I just wish it was longer. Best 45 minutes of my life though, and great for my first AFI show.

  2. Glad you has an awesome time!

    Haha, did the ushers actually let people into the pit from the seats? I bet the only people that wouldhave bothered to move would be AFI fans that would go back to wherever after AFI.

  3. There's no pit at DTE Energy. It's only seats, so we were all crammed in the front row in our own little mini mosh pit as I like to call it. I was filming during Medicate and GNG but then an usher told me to stop, so I decided, eh, I'll run up front because there were a few people already there. And I was like 6 inches away from Davey. There were a lot of people on the left side of the stage though and it looked like a tiny pit haha. All the fans there were great and I think I was only mocked by 2 Green Day fans. <_< But the ushers didn't really let them, Davey made the ushers let them, which is really nice. I love how much he cares about the fans. Like, the ushers weren't letting people up, and Davey said into the mic, while looking pissed, "Let them come up," or something of the sort. He was constantly motioning for people still in the seats to come up before then, but I guess the ushers didn't see.

  4. Ohh that's too bad. In Mansfield (MA) they can have a pit or seats depending on the show. Haha NICE! Yeah, Davey gets what he wants one way or another xD

  5. Haha exactly! I absolutely loved seeing him up close! I wanted to reach out and touch him (that sounds awkward)... I was so close... but yet so far. I just wish they would've let AFI play more or talk in between songs, because I know that they say the damn funniest things. XD The only thing Davey got to say is just like, "We are AFI," and nothing fun. :( I wanted to hear other members of the band talk too! They're all great! And here I go fangirling again... my bad... but hey I'm a teenage girl what else am I supposed to do? :P

  6. So fucking stoked for tomorrow in Dallas! I'll probably sneak my camera in so I'll have pictures and stuff posted either tomorrow night or Friday morning.

  7. Haha when i saw them in Providence in May I was second row, got my hand on the barricade for most of the show. Then lawn in Mansfield. Quite the difference xD he said something about the guerrilla attack in Mansfield haha.

  8. I loved being at the front. I just think it felt more, I dunno, real. Although I am still having trouble believing that I actually saw AFI, right there, in the flesh. Also, I kind of wish the shark would've grabbed Davey. It would've been absolutely adorable. I love it when Davey laughs, he's so cute. <3 Omfg, I'm such a fangirl. D: MAKE IT STOP. But he's so adorable, when the shark came on stage my adorableness meter exploded. <3 I really need to learn how to not be a fangirl. >_>