Thursday, April 1, 2010

POSSIBILITY: AFI may play Lollapalooza, August 6-8

According to AFI’s schedule on the Green Day tour in August, they have a 4 day opening when Lollapalooza, a music festival, is happening in Chicago on August 6-8. Green Day has been rumored for months to be headlining the festival.
In addition, on the Lollapalooza website, there is a game where you can try to reveal the lineup. There is one slot for a 3-letter band name at the end of the 5th row. As of April 2nd, the game has the 3-letter band name at the end of the fifth row ending in an I.
We’re not saying that this is definite, because it hasn’t been confirmed by anybody. We just want you all to be aware of the possibility when the official Lollapalooza lineup is revealed on April 6th.
Rolling Stone is also predicting AFI as a performer at Lollapalooza:

“Farther down the lineup, the three-letter artist listed on the right of the fifth row seems like too low of a billing on the lineup to be M.I.A., who has a new album out this summer, so we’re going to bank on AFI, Green Day’s opening act, filling in that spot.”

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