Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fall Child of the Month: Matt Zajicek

We began a new feature a few weeks ago entitled Fall Child of the Month. Many of you responded and we now have our first Fall Child of the Month, Matt Zajicek. After reviewing over 50 enteries, Matt stood out with his fun encounters with Davey and his passion for music. In speaking with him, he told us a few fun facts:
  • How did you discover AFI? Working at Tower Records a coworker told me about them because I liked the Misfits
  • What is your favorite AFI song? Morningstar
  • What is your favorite music besides AFI? Nerve Agents, Anti-Flag, Social Distortion, VNV Nation, Bouncing Souls, Smiths, Tiger Army
  • What are some of your hobbies/interests? Reading, writing, collecting vinylmation
  • What are your career aspirations or goals? writing a book and having a cup of tea with Davey sometime
  • Why should you become fan of the month? I’ve seen AFI in a barn in Hanford, CA. Been a fan since 1998 until I die. I also own 5 Zu boutique shirts. I remember seeing Davey in Hollywood at an Industrial club and he liked my shirt, made my day.
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