Monday, April 19, 2010

Front This Scene Reviews Glasgow Show

Front This Scene, a UK-based webzine, has posted a review of AFI's Glasgow show on their Myspace. They praise Davey, saying:

"Front man Davey Havok appears in a flurry of black and gold, leaping on to the centre platform that lights up at his touch. The band launch straight into “Medicate”, the lead single from their fantastic 2009 effort Crash Love. The reaction is instantaneous. The crowd sing back every word at incredible volume, but Davey’s in fine form, and his vocals soar effortlessly over the noise."

Included in the article are photographs from our good friend Jodi Cunningham, whose photographs from the Birmingham show are up in our photo gallery on AFI Ignite. As a side note, more photographs from her will be uploaded to the gallery tonight.

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