Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Introducing the AFINewsHQ Video Podcast (Updated)

For those of you with iPods and iPhones, we’ve just launched a podcast on the iTunes Store that will include lots of video content. Click here to view the podcast and subscribe. Our first episode is a video of Fall Children performed at The Warehouse in Calgary, AB, Canada on June 26, 2000. Here is the content we’ll be posting:
  • 1-2 live videos per week from the personal collections of Brandon, Pablo, and Mark
  • New weekly installments of our Answer That and Stay Fashionable Interview Series, which premieres this Friday April 9 and will extend through June 25
To subscribe, visit our page in the iTunes Store and click “Subscribe Free.” Every time a new video is posted, it will automatically be added to the “Podcasts” section of your iTunes library for instant viewing on your computer or Apple device. Thanks for subscribing, and we hope you enjoy the podcast! UPDATE 4/6: If you have experienced some issues with the first couple of podcasts, please bear with us as we are figuring out the best way to convert and optimize the videos so that they are playable in iTunes and on mobile devices. Thanks for downloading. Don’t forget to leave a positive review!

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