Monday, March 8, 2010

Mark Oshiro Is New Despair Faction Content Curator

Mark (PanasonicYouth) has been named as the official Despair Faction content curator, and he just told me that there is “a huge part of the new site that hasn’t debuted yet.” For weeks, fans on the Despair Faction Message Board have been wondering about Mark’s new position. Mark says that he will be a big part of the new site. (read the update below for details)

The Message Boards have been in and out of maintenance for over a week now, and currently the boards have been upgraded to vBulletin 4.0. For now the theme is the default vBulletin theme, though administrator Gavin says a custom design will come in the near future.

UPDATE: Gavin, the Despair Faction administrator, has now said: “…we will be adding a fresh new homepage to the site. This new homepage will consist of new Despair Faction content by the band, DF staff, and longtime AFI fan/friend/DFer Mark Oshiro, aka PanasonicYouth. You may know him from Begin Transmission, this very site, nationally-televised AFI stage diving, and of course AFI shows worldwide. He will be our new content curator. We will be publishing Despair Faction news, AFI tidbits, photos, video, contests, blog entries, thread highlights, and whatever else we pull together from the band and from you, the Despair Faction.”

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