Thursday, March 25, 2010

Introducing "Battled" Tournament of AFI Songs!

We’ve put 64 AFI songs into a championship bracket titled “Battled.” Over the next couple of weeks the songs will advance depending on your votes in polls on the sidebar, until at last we will have a champion. You can check out the bracket HERE and even fill it all out if you like. Below is an outline of how the rounds will work:

* First round: 8 matchups at a time, 24 hours each
* Second round: 4 matchups at a time, 24 hours each
* Sweet Sixteen: 4 matchups at a time, 24 hours each
* Elite Eight: 2 matchups at a time, 48 hours each
* Final Four: 2 matchups at a time, 72 hours each
* Championship: 1 matchup, 72 hours (can be extended if tied)

Many thanks to our staff member Mark for coming up with the name of the tournament as well as the bracket and names of the regions: “Desperate Streets,” “Midnight Runner,” “Shattered Seasons,” and “Poetry In Despair.”
Longtime readers of AFI News HQ may remember our last AFI song tournament back in the spring of 2009, which featured 128 songs. The Days of the Phoenix emerged as the ultimate winner. Can a song from Crash Love unseat it from its glory? Enjoy the voting and thanks for helping us find the fan favorite!

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