Monday, March 8, 2010

Despair Faction Message Board Update Explained

Gavin, the Despair Faction Administator, recently made an announcement regarding the recently upgraded Despair Faction Message Board. In short, he describes some new features, including a new homepage with fresh content from Gavin, the band, and Mark. (For more on Mark’s new position as Despair Faction curator, click here). Here is the full statement:

“Welcome back, everyone!

We have completed a major software upgrade here on the DF. You will discover a whole host of new and useful features have been added and many familiar options and page layouts have undergone some changes. Blogs should be more integrated into the experience of the site, we have a very convenient informational sidebar for recent threads and blogs, and the entire flow of the site should be more readable and clean. We expect you will also see that things are faster to load and faster to display.

The white style that you see now is the default style for our software and will not be staying. As resources allow, we will gain a custom style more in line with what you would expect from AFI and the DF. Hang tight for that, we consider it a high priority and will be working on it very soon.

This upgrade also lays the foundation for two very exciting things. First, we expect to have DF registrations and the new exclusive DF store up and running in the next month. Second, we will be adding a fresh new homepage to the site.

This new homepage will consist of new Despair Faction content by the band, DF staff, and longtime AFI fan/friend/DFer Mark Oshiro, aka PanasonicYouth. You may know him from Begin Transmission, this very site, nationally-televised AFI stage diving, and of course AFI shows worldwide. He will be our new content curator. We will be publishing Despair Faction news, AFI tidbits, photos, video, contests, blog entries, thread highlights, and whatever else we pull together from the band and from you, the Despair Faction. The front page of the site will highlight the very best of our community. We are very excited.

This is an ongoing process and we’ll be rolling things out over time. Look for updates to the site and words from the administrators in the usual places, here on the site and on Twitter.“

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