Sunday, March 7, 2010

AFI News HQ to interview former AFI bassist Geoff Kresge: Submit your questions now!

We are extremely pleased to announce that AFI News HQ will have the honour to interview former AFI bassist Geoff Kresge (current Tiger Army stand-up bass player).

Geoff Kresge has granted an interview with AFI News HQ which will take place this week. Please submit your questions in the comments field or to! Feel free to ask anything about old AFI, new AFI, or Tiger Army.

Geoff Kresge was AFI’s second bassist after Vic Chalker left the band. Geoff was in the band from 1992 until April 1997. He played in all the releases from Dork EP until Very Proud of Ya. The latest record where he appeared was Sing The Sorrow, doing backing vocals.

Unlike nowadays when Jade and Davey are the only songwriters, Geoff composed music and even wrote lyrics for many AFI songs. One of them is now-revived “Love is a Many Splendored Thing”, which he wrote music and lyrics for, amongst others.

The interview will be sent to him on Monday night, so please submit your questions asap!

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