Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tristan Henry-Wilson Commissioned for AFI Poster

Tristan Henry-Wilson, a young and rising artist whose client list includes System Of A Down, Velvet Revolver, and From Autumn To Ashes, has been commissioned by AFI to draw an oil painting of the band, which will be sold as a poster. Note: this has not even been announced yet, so we are the first to bring you this news!
Henry-Wilson has contacted us asking for high-resolution photos of the band members to reference while he creates the painting. I have linked him to this picture, but if any of you readers have high-resolution pictures from the CL era of individual band members while they are NOT performing, please comment with a link.
You can visit his website to view a sample of his artwork. This artist has drawn t-shirts for AFI in the past, during the Decemberunderground era.

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