Thursday, February 11, 2010

Live Post: AFI’s Live Chat on Facebook

Tonight’s the night! AFI is holding a live chat via Livestream tonight at 4pm PST/7pm EST. You can watch the stream and chat with other fans while the band answers selected questions via Facebook,, Livestream, or right here on AFI News HQ!
We’ll be updating this post throughout the chat and afterwards we’ll post a summary and a video for those of you who can’t tune in. Here are some interesting things we’ve learned so far:

* In the Beautiful Thieves video, Davey wears a bag over his head. That is when Davey is “detained” by the thieves at the party.
* The “Making Of” the Beautiful Thieves music video is playing now. “Beautiful Thieves” was the first song written for Crash Love.
* AFI has never played in Ireland, and they may be coming back to New York City soon.
* “Smile” is a difficult song for Adam to play live. It was last attempted at the Phoenix Theater in 2001/2002.
* Davey removed his lip ring after a fight with a biker. Adam talked at some length about AFI News HQ. Thanks Adam!
* There is a full-length director’s cut of Beautiful Thieves that is about to play on the live chat. Update: that was apparently not a director’s cut. The video was identical.

You can find a video of this chat HERE on our affiliate site,
To download go HERE. Downloads courtesy of Mark of!

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