Monday, February 8, 2010

New Blaqk Audio song: Ill Lit Ships

Live 105, a radio station in the Bay Area in California, has reportedly been playing a new Blaqk Audio song called “Ill Lit Ships.” According to this page on the station’s Web site, the song is playing in the 9pm time slot on Sundays. Be sure to let us know if you hear this song on Live 105.

Thanks to Kelly for pointing this out! This story was originally posted on Start requesting the song by texting “Blaqk Audio-Ill Lit Ships” to 36105 or call 415-478-LIVE!

Update: Kelly has now given us this description of the song: “Some of the lyrics that were refrained enough for me to catch were ‘It’s your smile that hurts me’ and ‘You let them by [buy???] you.’ It sounded like good old Davey to me. Musically, I noticed that there was a lot of acoustic piano, or at least what sounded like acoustic piano. The eletronic beats were there as well, sort of slow-paced. I wish I could remember more. I guess we’ll hear it more in the future, though!”

Update 2: We have contacted Live105 and asked for information about the song. They replied saying: “Its brand new music from their forthcoming second album! due out this late summer most likely. Thanks for listening Mike!”

Update 3: Our reader Drew has e-mailed the DJ (Aaron) who initially played the song and he says that Ill Lit Ships will be played on Sunday, February 14 during Live 105′s “Soundcheck” segment, which airs from 7-10pm PST. To listen live, visit

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