Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Partial Transcription of Davey’s Interview

In part 1 of Davey Havok’s interview with Joshua Katcher of The Discerning Brute, Davey spilled all about Crash Love.
Here is what he said about the album itself:
“I truly, truly feel that it’s the best thing we’ve ever done, and the album has a sense of continuity and timelessness to it, that I feel we haven’t ever achieved before up until this point … We’re really just working on getting the record mastered and getting it out, which should be September.”
Here is what Davey said about possible videos/artwork:
“It’s hard to really get involved with thinking videos until we know what the single is. I wished [we could make videos for everything]. That’s what I was thinking today when we were going over some of the mixes. I would love to be able to have a live action visual representation of every one of these songs because they each mean so much to me and they evoke such very strong images in me because they come from my life and they come from my perspective, so of course there’s that for me. I would love to do that. As you were saying, whatever we like to dowe feel that the aesthetic should complement itself in all parts of the work.”
Here is what Davey said about the lyrical side of the album:
“For me, what I’ve written lyrically is slightly different from what people usually expect from me. There are those moments of detachment, and despondence, and dark emotional moods that occur on this record, which is typical for me. A lot of the record is a social commentary on the decline of art and culture that we’re all facing today, what with the pervasive influence of media, and of a culture that is self-perpetuating, that really sometimes not only doesn’t recognize substance, but shuns it.”
Here is what Davey said about Begin Transmission:
“Truly where that comes from, in essence, is that’s how we grew up: listening to bands and going to see bands. There was very little divide there. We do things like invite our fans to come and sing on our record. When I was 15 years old, if Robert Smith would have invited (or right now, you know!), if that would happen, you know, like Robert Smith or had invited me to sing on the record I would be like “okay, this is the best moment of my life.”
Ready? Set? Analyze.

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