Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Blaqk Audio Song: Down Here

Blaqk Audio has posted a new song called "Down Here" to their Facebook page via Soundcloud. Click here to listen or stream below.
Down Here by Blaqk Audio


  1. Do you know how stoked I am about this?
    Come home from work and see this, hear this. I love it.
    And the song is pretty good too...... <3

  2. Ill Lit Ships > Down Here = Mouth to Mouth > Bon Voyeurs

    I like it a lot. It makes up for Bon Voyeurs :)

  3. I wasn't that impressed until like 1:04. I'm still not sure if I like the piano in it, though.

  4. Davey said there will be a single nov 26, but they still don't have a label :(

  5. I think they should hold off on finding a label and just self release the songs as on giant download. Which I have a feeling they will do if this keeps up.