Thursday, November 25, 2010

End Transmission and A Single Second Instrumentals!

Hey everyone, Happy Thanksgiving!

Because you're all loyal to AFI News HQ and keep coming back for more, we have an instrumental rip of End Transmission and one from A Single Second for you! These has been done from the full track, not a video game so unfortunately it is impossible to get the vocals out completely. Backing vocals remain high in the mix. Enjoy!

Remember we have lots of instrumental and vocal rips, and live audio for download too!


  1. Um, not to be ungrateful on such a day (but we here don't celebrate Thanksgiving anyways, it's only an American holiday), but this just sounds like a bad quality version of the song. You can still clearly hear all of the vocals. What was the point of that?

  2. Wow that isn't even close to being an instrumental.

  3. The vocals are a lot lower in the mix than the regular version of the song. Please see the post for an explanation. If you know someone that owns one of the video games ET is on, please let me know and I can walk them through making a 100% no lead vocals rip. I definitely hear a big difference between this and the normal version.

    Don't the backing vocals sound great?

  4. A Single Second might be more to your liking, I just added it :)

    The backing vocals are in it, just a warning but the main vocal track is almost completely gone!

  5. I still don't see the point.

    If it makes you feel any better, I've had the Miss Murder instrumental as my ringtone from since you guys posted it.

  6. I have End Transmission on my Xbox :P

  7. Haha, that's ok. Do you like A Single Second?

    Haha, cool :) they totally copied us again and did their BA instrumental a little while after I posted this.

    Pablo, can ya rip it? Pretty please? Get on aim dude :)

  8. :) no problemo. It's pretty easy, in theory. Never actually done it myself though...

    1 turn the volume for the vocals all the way down in the level settings.

    2 set vocals to "no fail mode" or whatever it is.

    3 plug the AV audio out cables into an adapter (red/white to 1/8th inch) instead of the TV. Plug the 1/8th inch end into your computer.

    4 play the song on vocals, except don't sing. Since no fail is on the song will keep going without vocals!

    5 while you're playing the song, record it in Audacity or a similar program. You can get Audacity on Sourceforge. I can walk you through it while you're doing it if you want me to Pablo. I think you'll be able to figure it out though!

  9. Interesting, but I'm guessing this was simply a matter of removing the centre channel entirely. Better versions could be made and just out of curiousity I made one in about 30 seconds.
    I talked to some people and apparently James' method will not work, it used to, but now more advanced methods are necessary which I could explain but if you don't know what you are doing you'll find it difficult.

  10. Sort of, I removed 0-2000hz of the center channel and then changed the EQ settings. For End Transmission I simply turned up the bass, but for A Single Second I turned the treble down in addition to adding bass. Would you mind sharing the version you did Tom? You would be credited of course.

    Haha, well it was worth a try. Maybe Pablo would be willing to learn the new method?

  11. Rock Band and Guitar Gero will not mute any instrument completely. That's why I can't rip instrumentals. Using your method is how I got the vocals for the songs we have.

  12. Ohh :/ mer. How did we get the instrumentals?

  13. Your method was good for the most part, but don't remove 0-150hz (this makes a huge difference), you will retain the kick drum, some of the toms and snares and the bassy parts of the bass and unless the vocalist in the particular song has a really deep voice you shouldn't get any vocals. Also, vocals generally range up to 14000hz but its just annoying high pitched stuff at that point so I usually just remove everything above about 150-160.

    If someone has a jtagged xbox and can record the audio output of their xbox i can explain step by step how to get the separated tracks.

    You guys have the instrumentals you do because i decrypted them, but the ones we are missing are ones that are too strongly decrypted, only way around it is using the jtag method.

    @Pablo: is there an option to turn off the crowd? The fake crowd ruins the vocals :D

  14. I did this same thing with Audacity, like when Crash Love came out. I have a bunch of these "instrumentals" if you want them. Did the same with most of StS too

  15. Tom, crowd can be completely muted.

  16. @Tom thanks, I'll try that!

    I remember seeing some credited to you but not all. Thanks for ripping them for us, Tom!

    @Drew thanks for the offer. I think I'm going to work on mostly older songs for now :)