Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Best AFI Song Ever?

I am excited to introduce a new contest that will span the next several weeks and months. I would like to wittle down AFI’s massive catalogue to one supreme winner amongst fans. In order to do this, I have arranged 128 of AFI’s songs into one massive bracket. There are 32 songs in each of four divisions, named Davey, Adam, Jade, and Hunter.

You will vote to determine which songs advance through polls right here on the blog. I will post 8 polls at a time in the first round, and each poll will stay open for two days. The poll are 1-on-1 style with the song’s ranking following the title in parentheses. 36 days. 127 polls. 1 winner. Which song will it be? Voting begins NOW.

Note: On June 30, 2010 AFI News HQ was hacked and all posts were deleted. This is one of the posts that was affected. The text here was imported from a backup, but all of the original comments are gone and the author credited below is only responsible for reposting in most cases.

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