Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fall Child Of the Month: Drew D

In continuation with our new feature, we present you with May's Fall Child of the Month. Drew D, who is a regular here, is extremely committed to AFI and shows his support by helping out with the Blaqk Audio fansite Bright Black Heaven. In speaking with him, he told us more about himself:

* How did you discover AFI? The first song I ever heard by them was believe it or not "Rabbis are Roadkill on Route 37", off of the Myspace Music CD. I actually didn't like them at all at first! "Miss Murder" is what hooked me and started me to become a fan. Now RR37 is one of my most favorite songs, ironically.
* What is your favorite AFI song? Currently, "End Transmission". Though, having to pick a favorite AFI song is like choosing over people's lives! My favorites change all the time.
* What is your favorite music besides AFI? I love electronic music. Would you of guessed I'm a Blaqk Audio fan too? :P I really listen to just about everything though.
* What are some of your hobbies/interests? Video games, photography, building websites, and Photoshop.
* What are your career aspirations or goals? I would love to one day work for a band I enjoy (like AFI), and design artwork, websites, and manage their online content. But right now, my main goal is to just get any kind of job; I need to work.
* Why should you become fan of the month? I would love for people to know more about me, and to have that possibility of being recognized by the band themselves. And I pretty much visit this blog periodically every 5 minutes or so haha, I've followed you guys from the start and cannot thank you enough for all the effort that has gone into this.

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