Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jade/Hunter Group Vocals, Davey Talks Lyrics

Jade and Hunter dropped us messages on their Twitters about the backing vocals they did on Saturday evening. Jade’s says “backing vocals with friends” and Hunter’s says “‘Anything! Anything! Anything!’ Maxing out these group vocals.”
In other news about lyrics, Davey has answered a question from “The Dreamer” on the Ask AFI section of the message board. The question compliments and thanks Davey for his inspiring lyrics. Davey response:

“Thank you very much Cecelia. I hope you enjoy Crash Love as well. I am quite fond of the lyrics I have written for it. I feel they are by far, some of the best I’ve managed. DXH.”

On June 30, 2010 AFI News HQ was hacked and all posts were deleted.
This is one of the posts that was affected. The text here was imported
from a backup, but all of the original comments are gone and the
author credited below is only responsible for reposting in most

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