Thursday, March 12, 2009

DJ Rossstar Interview Rundown

Hunter Burgan went on DJ Rossstar’s Punk Rock Show last night. This is a live web show that can viewed on every Wednesday night. Hunter discussed everything from leather jackets to burritos with the DJ, and several fan-submitted questions were actually answered. Hunter remained hilariously/maddeningly tight-lipped throughout, but we did glean several juicy details. In this consolidated version of last night’s madness, I summarize The Big News, The Details, and do my best to paraphrase Davey’s monologue about the new style of lyrics on the record. Enjoy, and be sure to comment with your thoughts!
The Big News:

* Crash Love is indeed the album name
* It will definitely be released in 2009
* 14 songs have been recorded
* AFI will tour once the record is complete
* There will be no intro song

The Details:

* There are guests vocalists on the album.
* “If the DF wants to pick a song for us to play live,” Hunter says, “Sure.”
* The new album is definitely “more of the rock band you want…”
* They will “have something” to do instead of an intro at their live shows.
* Hunter is “bummed out” about the unreleased EP, but the songs are “still there,” and it “will happen” once everybody is “on the same page.”
* The boys came up with the concept of Crash Love while in the studio. They discussed a number of possibilities, and the meanings behind each one. They decided that Crash Love best represented the lyrical and musical themes of the new record.

Davey Crashes the Party

Davey phoned in near the beginning of the interview. Hunter and DJ Rossstar asked him a few questions, mainly about the lyrics. Here are my hastily typed notes about Davey’s response. Again, this is not word for word. I’ve done my best.
“Markedly different direction in majority content on record. Traditionally introversion, more personal outlook. Viewpoints still personal. More social commentary, what’s going on in culture, decline of art and substance, allure of what’s going on in culture and affecting both people who aspire to that, are involved with it, and are involved in the cult of celebrities. Sympathetic point of view from one side, less sympathetic from other side. In some moments you see more traditional lyrical styles.”
Hunter then told Davey that “these are the best lyrics you’ve ever written.”

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