Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blaqk Audio at Spookfest 2010

Blaqk Audio played tonight at Spookfest in San Fransisco. According to the Blaqk Audio thread on the DF, they played three new songs: one called "This Is". It is rumored that they played "Fade To White", though as of yet there is no audio or video to support that claim. The third song was "Let's Be Honest", though, again, there isn't audio because of security.

Full setlist:

  1. This Is
  2. Again, Again and Again
  3. Fade to White
  4. On a Friday
  5. Let's Be Honest
  6. Bon Voyeurs
  7. Stiff Kittens
  8. Semiotic Love

Note: Post edited by James at 1:12PM, EST, 10/30/2010


  1. Just got home from the Spookfest. Sorry that I haven't posted here in forever. The second new song was good, but the first new song was really energetic and powerful. I only remember one line being something like, "Deny! that you said..."
    I am not sure if it was "Fade to White", but it was something white or light. I remember him saying something that sounded like that, but his mic was a little wack so it was hard to tell.
    Still, pretty awesome set up.

  2. did really nobody filmed this?? Sounds awesome.
    I never was a big fan of Blaqk Audio's life shows until now! wow

  3. honestly, I fell in love. I'm officially tied via soul to you guys.

  4. There IS audio and video available. A small group of people, including myself, managed to capture bits and pieces of the set...

  5. Many people didn't get recordings because the security were told that there was to be no recording, only picture taking, so anyone who looked like they were recording got extra attention from them if you know what I mean.